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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Few Moments With Harvey Mackay, The Indispensable Man

Yesterday, I took a few moments out of a busy day to attend a book-signing. The event centered on the release of Harvey Mackay’s latest title, Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door

As many people who know me well – and frankly, even many of those who don’t know me particularly well – could tell you, I am a huge Harvey Mackay fan.

I have read all of the items in the Mackay oeuvre – which is considerable – and have been known to press the bounds of polite conversation in urging others to read one or another of Harvey’s titles.

For someone who wasn’t lucky enough to be born here on the prairie, looking back, it is clear to me that some of the more remarkable and wonderful things that have happened for me here had their roots in that catalogue.

The books and cassettes are transformational.

A short forty word summary of Harvey Mackay’s books, articles, tapes, videos and “tweets” can be found in the epilogue of his latest book. In classic Mackay style, refurbishing a famous quote from Andrew Carnegie, Harvey declares: “You could take my money from me, my home from me, my factories … whatever … but leave my good name, my reputation, and my network…. And I will be back where I was in two years.”

The Mackay genre is a set of road maps for building one’s good name, reputation and professional network. It is jammed with strategies, every day tactics and healthy food for thought – all delivered in a home-spun style that is accessible to just about every reader. These road maps will lead you to unimagined heights in good times and help you to chart a swift return when – as happens to every one of us, sooner or later – disaster strikes. 

And, along the way, I think that they also help to make the world a better place than the way that Harvey found it.  In my book, that is the highest praise that one can render.

Ever au courant, Mackay’s newest title is a field manual for Americans who are suffering in this era of economic calamity and collapse. As Mackay explains in the opening pages of what turns out to be an unbelievably useful volume, this is the book that his wife of nearly fifty years, Carol Ann, urged him to write.  No doubt a lot of lives will be changed for the better because of that prompting.

More remarkable still, notwithstanding the fact that Mackay is approaching 80, this week also marks the debut of his own internet browser tool. The software provides handy, drop-down menus to Harvey's on-line content and the very best of the internet’s networking and professional research engines. The add-on is very cool and is accessible here.

So, thanks Harvey. Yesterday was good day. And for me, so is most every other one because of what you have written, said and done.